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It's Official: Friends Group Partnership agreement signed!

Aloha Board Members! I am ecstatic to announce the finalization of the Friends of Oahu National Wildlife Refuges. Our acting Regional Director has signed the agreement, thereby formalizing our partnership. This has been many years in the making and special thanks are owed to Dick May for his perseverance, dedication of significant time and resources, and unbelievable patience in making it a reality. I am so excited for what is sure to be a bright and fruitful future in our partnership to protect and enhance wildlife and their habitats on this beautiful island. As you coordinate strategic planning efforts and visioning, please be sure to keep me in the loop so that we can best strategize toward our shared interests and objectives. Congratulations and job well done.

To view document click link below:

Download PDF • 789KB

Mahalo nui loa,

Joshua Ream (Xíxch'i Toowóo*), PhD (he/his)

Project Leader / Wildlife Refuge Manager

Oahu/Maui National Wildlife Refuge Complex, James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, PO Box 429, Kahuku, HI 96731

mobile: 808-291-6258

Office: 808-637-6330 Ext 2

---I acknowledge that the ‘āina on which I live and work is part of the larger territory recognized by Indigenous Hawaiians as their ancestral grandmother, Papahānaumoku. I recognize that each moment I am in Hawai‘i she nourishes and gifts me with the opportunity to breathe her air, eat from her soils, drink from her waters, bathe in her sun, swim in her oceans, be kissed by her rains, and be embraced by her winds. I further recognize that generations of Indigenous Hawaiians and their knowledge systems shaped Hawai‘i in sustainable ways that allow me to enjoy these gifts today. For this I am grateful and as a settler, I seek to support the varied strategies that the Indigenous peoples of Hawai‘i are using to protect their land and their communities, and I commit to dedicating time and resources to working in solidarity. Mahalo.---

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